Financial Engineering Option
What is Financial Engineering?

Financial engineering (FE) is a multidisciplinary field where engineering methodologies and quantitative tools are applied to solve various financial problems arising in practice. It is critical to Hong Kong's development in its role as a major international financial center and the largest offshore center for renminbi investment.

What is Financial Engineering Option?

FE option aims to train students to apply industrial engineering and operations research techniques to build financial models and to make use of engineering methodologies to solve finance-related problems quantitatively. FE option will equip students with foundational knowledge including derivatives pricing, portfolio management, financial data analysis, and risk management in various financial markets.

What are the course requirements for FE Option?

Students must complete the following courses in addition to their normal degree requirements:
Required Courses:
IEDA 3330 Introduction to Financial Engineering
Elective Courses (2 out of the following 3 courses):
FINA  3103 Intermediate Investments
ISOM 4530 Statistical Analysis of Financial Data in R/S-plus
RMBI 4210 Quantitative Methods for Risk Management

Who should enroll in this option?

Students who aspire to build a career in finance-related areas industry or pursue a further degree in Financial Engineering. All students in IEDA Department (i.e. both BEng (IELM) & BEng (IEEM) students) are eligible, as long as they have a minimum CGA 3.0. It is recommended that you complete IEDA 3250 with B- or better grade before you declare this option.

When should students declare this option?

Students must declare their intention to enroll in the Option no earlier than the second regular term of their second year of study but no later than the last day of the add/drop period in the first regular term of their final year of study.

What is the recommended study pattern for this option?

If you plan to enroll for the FE option, please prepare your study plan as early as possible. In particular, some courses that are required for the option have other courses that are pre-requisites: therefore deciding earlier will help you to plan your studies so as to avoid any delay in your graduation. We also recommend interested students to enroll for FINA 2203 (pre-requisite for FINA 3103).
For more information, please refer to the leaflet on Financial Engineering.